Coding & Robotics Specialists

Serving West Covina School District

TK - 12 Coding curriculum

45 minutes instruction - per class each week - for the entire school year!

Critical Thinking & Creativity - Communication & Collaboration - Applied Mathematics

4th - 12th

Students in grades 4 - 6 will learn to create their own video games using MIT's Scratch, while Junior High and High School students will transition to JavaScript, C# and the Unity professional development environment. Students will learn to break large tasks into smaller problems that can then be solved with code. An emphasis will be placed on strategies for solving common problems and building complex projects from these solutions.

Concepts such as animation, collision detection and artificial intelligence will be introduced. Students will employ coding logic such as local and global variables, conditionals, sensing and broadcasts, and object-oriented programming.

Practical applications of math skills such as angles & degrees, greater than & less than, decimals, multiplying by negative numbers, radius and diameter, and coordinate systems will be demonstrated.

2nd - 6th

Students will learn to program robots to complete a series of increasingly complex challenges in our Mission to Mars and annual robotics competition. They will develop problem-solving and algorithmic thinking skills as they utilize programming logic such as loops, events and conditionals.

Students will form teams with defined roles, and an emphasis will be placed on role-play, communication and conflict resolution strategies needed to become an effective team in both the classroom and workplace.

TK - 1st

Students will develop critical thinking skills such as sequencing, prediction and revision using a variety of resources such as kinesthetic activities, iPad coding apps and robots. Student will then create animated stories in code using the free iPad app, Scratch Jr.

By placing an emphasis on creative coding and a blockly language, students will develop a visual coding vocabulary that they will build on in subsequent years.

Coding & Robotics Expos

Celebrate student accomplishment and promote your school! Parents play the video games created by their Young Game Developers, while Little Coders show off their story boards & animated presentations and give a hands-on robotics demonstration. The highlight of the event - our Robotics Championship finals!

Who is Kdog?

K-dog is the indie studio of game developer Brent Kollmansberger. Brent has been working in the game industry since 1997. He formed Coding with Kdog in 2014 to share his passion for programming and design with kids by teaching them how to create their own computer games and animations in Scratch, JavaScript and Unity.

Coding with Kdog provides coding and robotics instruction for Elementary and Junior High students in the West Covina school district. Brent Kollmansberger was also instrumental in bringing coding to the Fullerton district. When not hiking with Scouts, he can be found teaching them the programming merit badge and internet safety.

Brent has released many games for AAA studios, and as an indie developer. His games include Wizard Rage, Ultimate Dodgeball, Kick'n It, Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, 007 Quantum of Solace, Spiderman 3, Ultimate Spiderman, Spiderman 2 and Klingon Academy. In addition, he designed and launched over 20 web games as Games Director for FoxKids

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