What parents say...
Thank you for taking the time to teach Kamden there is more to games than just playing them.  He really enjoyed your class.  Now if you could just tell him he needs to study and pass his classes.  Your class is all he talks about.
          Ryan W. 

My wife and I would like to say thank you and express our gratitude, and let you know how much Alex has enjoyed your class.  Please keep us informed of your upcoming coding programs.
          Willi C.

Thank you for inspiring and motivating Brandon to want to learn.  Brandon is not typically a self starter, but he comes home every Wednesday and coding class is all he talks about.
          - Stacie M.
What students say...
I can honestly say this is my favorite hobby now.  Making programs and watching them come to life is so cool...  Thank you for coming and changing my life!
          -  Jonathon 

I had fun learning to code with Kdog.  It was very fun, and the games were very fun!

Making the game more complicated each time made me have more confidence in myself...[creating] an urge to participate in more activities, like volleyball and school plays...your have impacted my life immensely.
          - Mia
What teachers say...

I greatly enjoyed the training, and you as a trainer!  We teachers never know the quality of in-service we will receive from "outside" sources, and yours was "two thumbs up."
          -  Sunset Lane Elementary

Thanks again for creating that card game!  I can't wait to show our students in Math Field Day!  They will LOVE it! =)
          - Fisler School

I loved the "hands-on" approach, since this is the way I learn, and I appreciate the written instructions, because this will help me when I teach.
          Sunset Lane