JavaScript 2
Project Development

This class is for students who have completed JavaScript 1, and would like to continue developing their coding skills.

In this class, students will learn how to take their JavaScript projects from concepts to finished games using the same methods I developed as Games Director for Fox Kids.

Learn to brainstorm new game ideas, control scope, differentiate between core gameplay and secondary features.

Create core gameplay including player controls, collision, gravity and physics, weapon systems and enemies.  Learn how to create an interactive environment.

AI (Artificial Intelligence):
Develop enemy AI behaviors and write AI decision trees to tell enemies when to perform different behaviors such as dodging, firing, patrolling etc.

UI (User Interface screens):
Add title screen, instructions, credits, win and lose screens.  Learn how to manage game states for each of these screens.  We will also discuss story, thematic elements and cutscenes.

Expand content by providing multiple stages.  Progressively introduce weapons, power-ups or enemies with each new level.  Learn how to manage game states for each level.

Discuss what a content pipeline is, and learn how to draw and move complex objects in JavaScript. 

We will discuss game balance, managing the learning curve, tools to minimize frustration and boredom and maximize fun.  As time permits we will tweak game variables to experiment with game balance.