JavaScript 1
Coding with Script

This class is for students who want to move beyond the visual programming language used by Scratch and begin to code in JavaScript.  Students must have completed Scratch 1, or be entering grade 7 or higher.

Students will discover that the programming logic and problem solving they learned in Scratch is common to all programming languages, as they learn to create their own programs in JavaScript. 

They will see how variables, loops, and conditionals are implemented in JavaScript, and explore the library of commands available within the Khan Academy learning environment.  Students will learn the JavaScript syntax and program loop, and learn how to use functions and parameters.  We will then proceed to the more advanced features available in JavaScript. 

As a professional game designer and software developer for over 18 years, my goal is to provide students with the tools to create almost any project they can imagine, and to enable them to continue coding throughout the year.  I have had great success teaching programming to students with little or no coding experience, but can also assure your that students with previous experience will learn a lot in this course.