Intro to Programming

Your child will learn to create their own games, animations and apps using Scratch, a visual programming language developed by MIT. 

They will employ basic, intermediate and advance programming concepts as they complete increasingly complex projects.  They will learn to think like a programmer and solve problems with code.

As a professional game designer and software developer for over 18 years, my goal is to provide students with the tools to create almost any project they can imagine, and to enable them to continue coding throughout the year.  I have had great success teaching programming to students with little or no coding experience, but can also assure your that students with previous experience will learn a lot in this course. 

Below are three of the projects your child will complete in this class:

        • Introduces Events, Forever loops, Scale, Conditionals, Keyboard and mouse input, Draw, Clear, Customized backgrounds, Operators, Collision and Effects
        • Concepts include Sprites, Center point, Initializing variables

Kick'n It
        • Introduces Variables, Move, Point in direction, Multiple sprites, Background library, Wait, Rotation, Sound effects, Costumes, Text, Glide, Hide & Show
        • Concepts include Events, Sensing & Broadcasts, Pixels, Screen resolution & Coordinates, Animation, Physics and Game states

Snow Day
        • Introduces Custom blocks, Cloning, Repeat, Rotation, and Speech bubbles
        • Concepts include Object-oriented programming, Local and global variables,  and using Broadcasts to create a sequence of events.