Projects & Curriculum

Teach students to solve problems with code as they create their own games and animations.
Give them the tools to continue coding at home.

Lead students through a series of group projects where they learn new skills, followed by independent projects where they can demonstrate and deepen their understanding.

Group Projects:

Programming logic, keyboard & mouse input, the Scratch library, collision detection, sprites, pixels and X & Y coordinate system.

Kick'n It
Animation, physics, events, sensing & broadcasts.

Snow Day
Object-oriented programming, local & global variables.

Cat & Mouse
Artificial intelligence, timers, top-down movement.

Tank vs. Aliens
Content pipeline, projectiles, interactive environments, more on artificial intelligence.

Painter II
Scripted programming, compare and contrast development environments, Processing JavaScript library, draw loop, collision detection.

Kick'n It II
Keyboard movement, physics, circle & rectangle collision detection, custom functions, game state management, buttons and user interface.

Asteroid Field
Arrays, For loops, data objects

Rotation & Translation
Scale, rotate & translate a collection of sprites as one game object, flipping an image with translation.