Fisler Career Day!
Free Resources

Learn to Code:

An awesome way to learn to code and create games.  Developed by MIT to teach coding without requiring students to learn syntax. 

Khan Academy
Great JavaScript tutorials and learning environment!   

Online tutorials for several different programming languages.

Learn 3D Modeling:

Great introduction to 3D modeling.

Professional development tools: (student editions)

Professional development environment.  Create games in C# or JavaScript, and deploy them to any platform including PC, Mac, Xbox, Playstation, Apple store & Android.

Professional 3D modeling and animation package used by many game development studios.

Professional image creation and editing tool.  Create illustrations, textures and game art.  An essential tool for every game artist.

Development environments:
While not used by most development studios these tools are an easier way for students and some indies to create and distribute games.

Corona SDK
Write programs in LUA script and distribute them on the mobile marketplace!

Game Maker
Create programs with a GUI interface and distribute them to PC, mobile and Xbox.